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What is Platinum City Gaming?

Platinum City Gaming is not just about playing video games. PCG is a community of gamers that get together to enjoy their passion with others and to share experiences; to create new memories and expand friendships is our priority. Building an environment that allows people to share their passion without the worries of being judged for who they are and what they love, is a core component of being a gamer. Gaming communities is a beautiful blend of gender, nationalities, age, and backgrounds. What we do is create events, and provide a place for gamers of new and old as well as hardcore and casual to enjoy together. By hosting tournaments, birthday parties, helping other venues and having several types of events, we do our best to bring a great gaming experience to local areas. With all the positive things video games can bring, it is a great tool to tap into the youth to motivate and encourage to better one's self. By using the power of a controller, we are bringing people together with one game at a time.


Birthday Packages


Looking to host a Corporate event? Let PCG help.

Event Hosting

Trying to run an event and out of ideas? PCG can help with some creative events and bring gaming into your project. Either team building for businesses, school fundraisers or even spice up your local business PCG can help. Email for more details.

Platinum City Gaming

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Check out this great video


Check out this great video