Welcome petting zoo

Baby Animal Farm (~20 animals)

This option features 1 lamb, 2 baby goats, 1 piglet, 6-8 chicks, 4-6 ducklings, and 4-6 baby bunnies. This is a great option for smaller groups or indoor parties during the cold weather. A knowledgeable  attendant will join to introduce you to the animals and help the children to feed, brush and hold them.  Our attendants are there during your event to answer questions and make sure everyone including the animals are having fun!

Cost: $375 for the first hour; $575 for 2 hours; $275 for each additional hour~2nd attendant is an additional fee

Living Nativities

You can enjoy a truly spectacular Living Nativity with the help of our animals.  This party includes a donkey, alpaca(camel), goats, and sheep. Our attendants will be there to help wherever they are needed.  Dress them up or put them on clean up patrol.

Cost: $375 for the first hour and $275 for each additional hour

Miniature Animal Farm (12-15 animals)

This option features any combination of  Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Shetland Sheep, miniature horse, miniature donkey, an alpaca,  dwarf bunnies, bantam chickens,  a mini pig , emu or a cow. These animals are all miniature adults and each have their own unique personality and special appeal.  Which animals come to your event will depend on season and availability, but you are welcome to make requests.  We recommend the Miniature Animal Farm for large events.

Cost: $675 for 2 hours (minimum)

Pony Parties (2 ponies)

With this option, you and your guests can ride either our ponies or miniature horse for smaller children. We provide one attendant per pony to ensure the safety of you and your riders. We can even teach proper grooming and care techniques per request.  Our ponies have a weight limit of 85 lbs. for ponies and 65 lbs. for a miniature horse.

Cost: $375 for the first hour $275 for each additional hour

The Big Event(30-35 animals)

Combine both Miniature Animal Farm and Baby Animal Farm with double the staff and you’ll have an experience that you and your guests will remember forever.  The Big Event has a minimum of two hours.  We recommend this for very large events.

Cost: $1000 for two hours 


We are happy to share our baby animals with those in special circumstances. Our Animal Farm will visit nursing homes and other special needs facilities so that guests can enjoy our collection of animals. This option includes baby bunnies, ducklings, chicks, baby goats, piglets, or lambs.

Cost:$375 for an hour $275 for each additional hour

The below options can be added to the baby animal farm only. Contact us for availability for your event.

  • 1 additional pony for rides: $200 per hour
  • 2 additional ponies for rides: $250 per hour
  • 1 additional donkey, mini horse, cow, emu or alpaca:(this does not include pony rides) pick one for $150 per hour
  • Create your own: any 3 of the above for $275 per hour (this does not include pony rides)

**Call for Pricing and Availability  

Our traveling animal farm and mobile petting zoo services Boston, the North Shore, Worcester County, southern New Hampshire and Vermont, northeast Connecticut, northern Rhode Island, and most of Western Massachusetts. We also offer discounts for locations within half an hour of Winchendon, Massachusetts. Below are just a few of the featured cities:

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